The following terms & conditions of sale & warranty stipulations are valid from July the 1st 2013, and replace all previous terms & conditions of sale & warranty stipulations therein.

APF G.E.A.R.S. LIMITED shall be referred to as “The Company” in these terms & conditions & warranty stipulations, & The Company will guarantee & give warranty to work undertaken by The Company within the parameters stated in the following clauses.

As The Company provides manual transmissions for both standard specification (*) road vehicles & non- standard specification (**) up-rated & modified vehicles (either road legal or track legal), it is essential that The Company’s terms & conditions of sale & warranty stipulations reflect these differences. This results in there being different terms & conditions of sale & subsequent warranty stipulations for each category. Furthermore, localised repairs & partial overhauls of customer’s own transmissions will carry a separate condition of sale & subsequent warranty stipulation, the details of which will be described in a separate clause.

All goods supplied by the company remain the company’s property until they have been paid for.

Standard: n. A level of quality or attainment: Something used as a measure: A model in comparative evaluations. (O.E.D.) 

  1. Any exchange manual transmission, built to manufacturers specification, will under normal circumstances carry a 12-month (12,000 mile) warranty. However, certain vehicle transmissions, noted below, will carry a restricted version, for reasons explained below.

    In order for a warranty period to occur, certain criteria must exist as any said warranty period cannot be set in an ad hoc or haphazard manner, or set out verbally.

    It is therefore essential that the following is carried out correctly:

    Any exchange transmission must be fitted correctly.

    1b. Apart from assembly lubrication, exchange transmissions are supplied without transmission fluid, so it is essential the unit is filled with the correct amount & correct O.E. specification of manual transmission fluid.

    1c. Any replacement clutch fitted at the same time as the exchange transmission, must be as a complete assembly, of manufacturers O.E. specification, or an approved aftermarket component, compliant to manufacturers O.E. specification. The Company only recognises major brands e.g. LUK or SACHS for example.

    1d. Similarly, dual mass flywheel replacement must be either O.E. specification or approved aftermarket replacement, compliant to manufacturers O.E. specification, as referred in the above clause.

    1e. Any transmission fitted to a vehicle with a solid flywheel & clutch kit conversion to replace the manufacturers dual mass flywheel specification, will be termed by the company as “non-standard” & therefore will not be covered under any company warranty.

    1f. Correct Clutch Clearance: It is important to ensure the clutch is working correctly prior to the vehicle being handed over to the owner. Any clutch drag or poor clutch clearance will result in poor gear engagement, causing damage to new components fitted in the transmission. It is essential therefore to ensure clutch operating cables & linkages, or hydraulic cylinders & pipes are working correctly with no hydraulic fluid leaks or trapped air in the hydraulic system. Likewise, gear selection linkage or cables should be in full working order with no wear or defect that could impair the effectiveness of gear selection.

    1g. Due to the nature of application, installation & fitment of a transmission is above & beyond our control. No warranty can be implied to any damage internal or external due totally or in part caused by incorrect installation or faulty or defective driveline components i.e. worn, defective or non O.E. clutch & controls; worn gear-change cables or linkage, or incorrectly set-up or adjusted thereof; transmission lubrication under filled of overfilled or incorrect transmission fluid installed. Clauses 1(a) to 1(f) inclusive.

    Vehicles exempt from a 12-month (12,000 mile warranty):
    Vauxhall M20 & M32 6-speed units (Corsa Astra Vectra Insignia Zarira Signum) – 6-month warranty period only.

    Reason: No O.E. internal components supplied by manufacturer. New components supplied through an independent specialist G.M. distributer & these components carry a maximum 6-month warranty period to us.

    Commercial vehicles (Ford Transits, Renault / Vauxhall / Nissan PK5 & PK6 for example) – 6-month warranty period only. Reason: Historic excessive mileage & driver abuse

    Transmissions supplied & fitted into taxis, hire vehicles & minicabs – 6-month warranty period only. Reason: Historic mileage & driver abuse

    Non-standard: adj. Not average, normal or usual: Not of the form that is accepted as standard. (O.E.D.)

    Non-standard vehicles therefore refer to any difference in specification to that of the original standard specification, specified by the vehicle manufacturer when that said vehicle was first registered by the DVLA.

  2. The Company reserves the right to refuse or limit any warranty scenario within these parameters.

    Unless a specific higher capacity gear set has been specified & purchased by the customer, our transmissions are built around standard-specification components [either in standard form or cryogenically (a) treated gears], & therefore can only be guaranteed if fitted into vehicles they were originally intended, this being with the standard specification at the date of manufacture. Any difference in specification from that of standard specification nullifies any guarantee or warranty aspect from the company in relation to the said transmission assembly. The customer must be aware of this fact.

    (a) Cryogenically treated. This refers to an extensive freezing process of the gears to help relieve internal stresses therein.


    ENGINE: Total engine replacement which is different from the original specification; Engine different in dimensions i.e. higher or lower capacity; Engine different in power from the original specification i.e. chipped or ECU remapped, turbo charged or supercharged or larger than standard specification turbo fitted; Extensive engine modifications.

    2b. FLYWHEEL & CLUTCH: Flywheel & clutch different from original specification. Solid flywheel conversions i.e. non manufacturer approved aftermarket conversion kits. Clutch operating system i.e. cable or hydraulic systems, different from original specification.

    2c. TRANSMISSION: Transmission different from standard specification.

    2d. AXLE / FINAL DRIVE: Axle / Final Drive ratio different from standard specification 2e. BRAKES: Braking system modified or different from standard specification.

    2f. WHEELS / TYRES: Wheels & tyres different from standard specification.

    2g. BODYWORK: Generally, bodywork issues i.e. paint work / colour change will not affect any transmission warranty aspect, but attention has to be drawn to extensive customisation that would give the impression of an extensively modified vehicle, leading to the said vehicle being driven in a way in excess to that of the standard specification.

    2h. Any transmission built by The Company & subsequently supplied for non-standard vehicles will carry no warranty or guarantee whatsoever. We are compliant with manufacturers warranty on components, & these said components carry no manufacturer’s guarantee if fitted to non-standard vehicles. We therefore cannot be expected to supply a warranty on components that we ourselves do not receive a warranty.


Repairs & overhauls to customer’s own units are set out into 2 categories:

      1. Localised repairs
      2. Full overhauls

(i) Localised repairs: These are described as a repair to rectify one specific problem within a transmission assembly. Any new component supplied & fitted to rectify & remedy the fault will be subject to the supplier’s terms & conditions of sale. The Company does not warranty localised repairs due to the new components installed are combined with already worn components.

Customers must therefore be aware that a localised repair is NOT a full or fully overhauled unit & must not be described or portrayed in such manner.

(ii) Full overhauls: These are full overhauls of customers own units are basically the same as an exchange unit, without the exchange aspect, & as such will carry the same warranty as an exchange unit of 12-month (12,000 miles).


The G.E.A.R.S. component in The Company name refers to Gearbox Exchange And Repair Services, & as a result the supplying of an “Exchange Unit” requires the return of the original unit from the customer.

The contract is with the person ordering the Exchange Transmission, not the person who pays for the unit nor the person / garage who installs the unit.

As the original unit normally is returned after the Exchange unit has been despatched, it is essential that the old unit is returned to us, so a fully refundable deposit is required.

Once a unit is ordered & is readily available, payment plus refundable deposit is taken over the phone.

The unit is packaged & the courier service we use (TNT) are contacted with details of the delivery address. Once collected by TNT (usually within the next working day, unless instructed differently by the customer), we will notify the customer of the collection & provide a tracking number.

NOTE: The Company is not responsible or liable for any unbeknown problem within the delivery chain. The delivery from our premises to the designated address is usually within 24 hours. Any despatches on a Friday will be delivered on the following Monday, unless a Saturday delivery is requested & if this is possible usually carries an extra charge which is the responsibility of the customer.


Once the Exchange unit has arrived at the designated address, & all ancillary parts have been transferred from the old unit, the said old unit needs to be returned to us.

Please ensure the unit is drained & free from fluid leakage & re-packaged on to the pallet & secured. Contact us when this is complete & we will instruct TNT to collect it. The cost for this return will be met by The Company.

Once delivered back to our premises, the surcharge imposed on the Exchange unit will be refunded back to the card holder.

Any warranty claim requires proof via documentation

Any guarantees or warranties expressed or implied verbally are not valid